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by Nancy Ritchie 20 Oct 2023

Rincon Reservation Road Brewery aka 3R Brewery is thrilled to announce that our exceptional Mexican Mulegé has received the prestigious Gold medal in the Light Lager category at the San Diego International Beer Competition.  Our Mexican style lager also received the first runner up in the Best of Show category, too, with the competition receiving over 1,000 total entries.  This remarkable recognition highlights the unwavering commitment to craft and quality that has become synonymous with our brewery and our Native American traditions.  Not to be overlooked, our Red Rattle Amber also brought Silver to the Rez in the Any-American style Amber!

Our Mexican Mulegé is a true masterpiece, carefully brewed by our dedicated team led by brewmaster Zeth DeVore. Crisp and refreshing, Mulegé is a light, bright Mexican style lager with the golden glow of a California sunset.  Named after a Baja coastal town where indigenous peoples thrived from an abundant water flowing through the river valley, this lager has high clarity and low bitterness with notes of sweet maize, resulting in a beer that captivates the senses and has earned its place among the finest brews in the industry.

The San Diego International Beer Competition is renowned for its discerning taste and high standards, making this accolade a significant achievement for Rincon, especially as we are Southern California’s only Native American craft beer manufactured on the Reservation.  It serves as a testament to our passion for brewing, our commitment to community and entrepreneurship, and our dedication to delivering remarkable experiences to our patrons.

"We are immensely proud to receive this prestigious award, said Rik Mazzetti, Chairman of REDCO. "It reaffirms our commitment to brewing the finest beers and our ongoing pursuit of perfection. This recognition wouldn't have been possible without the dedication and expertise of our brewing team."

Rincon Reservation Road Brewery invites all beer enthusiasts and connoisseurs to Savor the Journey of our distinct beers and experience the taste of excellence. This award-winning beer is available at our brewery and select retailers, promising a truly exceptional journey for the palate.

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